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Journal of Early Modern History

Le 23 juillet 2020 à 09h48

Journal of Early Modern History. Contacts, Comparisons, Contrasts. Early Modernity Viewed from a World-Historical Perspective.

Sur Brill (1997- ).

"The early modern period of world history (ca. 1300-1800) was marked by a rapidly increasing level of global interaction. Between the aftermath of Mongol conquest in the East and the onset of industrialization in the West, a framework was established for new kinds of contacts and collective self-definition across an unprecedented range of human and physical geographies. The Journal of Early Modern History (JEMH), the official journal of the University of Minnesota Center for Early Modern History, is the first scholarly journal dedicated to the study of early modernity from this world-historical perspective, whether through explicitly comparative studies, or by the grouping of studies around a given thematic, chronological, or geographic frame."